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Chwilowo dostępny tylko opis w języku angielskim - nasi copywriterzy już pracują nad właściwym opisem produktu :)

Harry Potter Cloak of Invisibility - from muggle to magical in a few clicks Fans have long been waiting for this: With the Harry Potter cloak of invisibility anyone can now become invisible! This is made possible by a free-of-charge special effects app, in which everything hidden under the cloak of high quality material "disappears". Fans can take photos, record videos and save their work or share it with friends. The matching smartphone holder for optimal control when recording is already included. Get started right away and re-enact your favourite scenes - or roam unseen through your own world of magic.

- Cloak for "making invisible"
- Free-of-charge special effects app for iOS and Android devices
- Take photos andrecord videos, save and share
- Including smartphone holder
- Age recommendation: 6 years+

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