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Lord of the Rings - High Elven Warrior Sword 126 cm - replica 1:1

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An ancient human-like race of Middle-earth, Elves are noble, elegant and magical beings in harmony with the natural world and its forces. Elves have clearer perception and more heightened awareness than humans, which was a valuable aid when Gil-galad, the last High King of the Noldor, joined Elendil, King of Gondor, to create The Last Alliance of Elves and Men in order to defeat the evil Sauron and his legion of orcs. The army of the Last Alliance won the Battle of Dagorlad. Then, on the slopes of Mount Orodruin, despite heavy losses, the Alliance managed to drive Sauron´s forces back. The Elven sword was unique in Middle-earth, and represented the pinnacle of matching a weapon to the warrior who wielded it. The widely spaced grip was developed by the Elves to give them maximum rotation when moving the sword through the whirling strike that was their own distinctive attacking style. This sword is handcrafted with a real stainless steel blade, however it is a nonfunctional prop replica for display only.


Includes a parchment certificate of authenticity and a wood display plaque.

BLADE LENGTH: 61.29 cm
BLADE MATERIAL: Tempered, 420 J2 stainless steel, false-edged.
HANDLE MATERIAL: Solid metal handle parts, simulated leather grip, brass plated Elven vine design.
PLAQUE: 58.42 cm x 22.86 cm x 1.91 cm wood, silkscreened design.
Hardware, instructions included.



Lord of the Rings Statue Ringwraith 15 cm




Lord of the Rings Statue Ringwraith 15 cm
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