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Chwilowo dostępny tylko opis w języku angielskim - nasi copywriterzy już pracują nad właściwym opisem produktu :)

Measuring 32cm (11 inch) in height. This interactive Dobby plush speaks 16 phrases, 10 when it's tummy is pressed and a further 6 when the sock is placed in its hand.

English voices :
''Harry Potter Freed Dobby? How can Dobby ever repay hime''
''Dobby has no master. Dobby is a free elf''
''Master has presented Dobby With clothes''
''Master has given Dobby a sock''
''Dobby is free''
''Dobby was only trying to help''
''Dobby wonders where to begin''
''He haa Hahah HoHooo Yuhhuh''
''I shouldn't have said that''
''Indeed. Yessir''
''Oh ! yessir. dobby understands''
''Such and honor it is''
''That was an awful thing to say''
''Dobby has heard of your greatness, sir''

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